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♥ With you by my side,

I never have to wonder what will be ♥

A good companion shortens the longest road…

He doesn’t really know what he means to me.

We met in the Spring of 97′ and yet, my companion he remains. He became my right hand, my pillow to cry on, my reason to smile when all I wanted to do was cry at times… My strength.

He became my husband in 2003 and my companion he remains ♥ He gave me the three most amazing kids and I hope that my companion he will remain for the remainder of my years.





3 thoughts on “Companion

  1. I really love your post! It seems like my own story.
    Today one friend told me there are no men to believe in (she had a really tough life), but I couldn’t but reply that it is not true. She said I am the lucky one who met the 2% of “believable” men. With your post, I guess, I am not the only one.

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