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My peace…The clouds!

When I lost you, I remember looking at the sky and found peace every time I would see beautiful fluffy clouds.

I ask myself, “is that the beauty you are in now?” I sure hope it’s peaceful there.

Distance never separates the hearts that really care ©

I began taking pictures of the sky and the clouds… Almost every night, I would step outside and take a picture. And that’s about the time I began writing again. I was able to release some pain, anger, and sadness. A few of my friends had been telling me to start a blog… a few had always enjoyed my writings but I had given up on so much the day I lost my mom.

Then a few months ago my husband mentioned to me that I should start a blog and that’s how I ended up on Word Press. Little by little, I have created a album of pictures of the sky.

I’m new at this and thank everyone that has followed me so far… I have enjoyed reading many of your posts as well.

And if you haven’t yet, take a moment tonight to enjoy the beauty of the sky ♥




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