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What would you do?

My Wednesday – It’s 10:50 a.m. – I am on my way out of work to get some fresh air and walk to get some lunch. As I am exiting the outside doors I see a kid with what seemed to me was having a seizure. I stop and don’t press the doors to open to call for help, I stand there perplexed at the scene that people are walking him by not stopping to check on him, nothing!

I see a attendant eating his lunch and asked him for help while security arrived. I work in a hospital so calling on the attendant was my 2nd best response to get the child help. Now here we both are standing trying to talk to him and he doesn’t respond. His body is shaking, his eyes are open but no response. Then I see his tears roll down his face and I break. He is holding a Metro flyer Line 745… I’m asking myself “where are his parents?”

Security arrives and to my surprise they know his name… Sergio. A regular at our Emergency Department. I know the staff needs to follow procedures and I stand there while cops arrive as well. He is 13 years old, and again I wonder where are the parents. The kid has problems and who is helping him? Who would let him fend for himself at that age? My head is running in circles with so many questions, none to which I can get answers to.

His still sitting there by the wall and then it’s like he wakes up and nothing has happened. The staff tells me to move back and there it was, he is standing now and now he looks angry – looks at all of us and takes out a small knife from his jacket. The social worker on site was there right next to me and is explaining the situation. My heart is breaking at this point and oddly enough I wasn’t scared that he would hurt me… I was scared for him. I don’t work with patients. I’m just there waiting for him to get help.

I stayed until I watched paramedics do their job and take him on a gurney. I walked and I swear I felt like I was floating… What a tough job all those people there have.

Today I earned a different level of respect for the Security Staff, for the Social Worker, for the attendant that assisted me and didn’t leave either until Sergio was taken away. For the Police officers and for the paramedics. At that point when I am breaking, I see their eyes and I can see them all hurting for this child as well. I hope he gets the help that he needs.



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